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Twilight Golf

2020/2021 Competition proudly sponsored by:

Due to COVID number restrictions it is now essential to book a tee time for Twilight. Failure to book may result in long wait times or even not being able to get on the course.

Competition Details

  • A registration fee of $10 for members or $20 for non members must accompany each registration form. (The extra $10 will go towards social membership for non members)
  • A Social Membership Application Form must be completed CORRECTLY for all new players & handed in at the same time as registration
  • Registration fees are to be paid at the Club Office before 5.00 pm Tuesday 29th September 2020
  • There is a No Pay, No Play policy 
  • There is a maximum of 15 players per team (mens & ladies)
  • As of 1st January 2021, no changes or new players will be accepted


  • The competition shall be a 9 Hole S/Ford event. All play shall be from YELLOW tees. 
  • As at the 26th March, the top 6 teams by cumulative points will qualify for the finals
  • Finals to be played Monday 29th March to Thursday 1st April
  • The weekly $15.00 fee must be paid to the Pro Shop prior to playing
  • Only cards supplied by the Starter will be accepted towards a Team’s score. Players will tee off alternate tees (1st or 10th) each week if possible
  • Tuesday’s and Thursdays are still best days for Twilight so please check with Pro Shop for available times if playing on other days of the week
  • Scores from the last 5 weeks of the competition will not be known to the players


  • All handicaps shall be at the discretion of the Handicapper
  • Players must play to their Twilight handicap supplied by the Starter 
  • Club handicaps are NOT to be used
  • Presentation Dinner
  • Each player must play a minimum of 6 rounds to be eligible to attend the Presentation Dinner to be held Friday 9th April, at $10. If the 6 rounds are not played, players may still attend at a cost of $45/person. Partners are welcome to attend at a cost of $45
  • RSVP + payment to the dinner is required by the due date (Thursday 1st April). Under NO circumstances will any late payments be accepted
  • Team captains as well as Twilighters who have supplied their email address will be sent an invitation to the Presentation Dinner 1 month prior

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twilight?

Twilight is a social golf competition where teams of  up to 15 play in a 26 week comp.

Why can there only be a maximum of 15 in a team?

The Twilight comp is run through a Twilight software system. The software only manages a maximum of 15 players per team. You can form a second team or join another team.

Do I have to always play with my team members?

Although Twilight is a team competition, it is a fun social comp that you can play with whoever you like. Your score will still go towards your teams total.

What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team we can help put you into a team that is looking for extra players.

What if I haven’t played golf before?

Twilight is the perfect environment to start playing. It is a social comp where the focus is more on having fun than your golfing ability. The pro shop do run lessons and small clinics if you would like to purchase these.

When can I play?

You can play any day of the week, if you would like to play on a day other than Tuesday & Thursday afternoons it is best to phone the Pro Shop on 6765 9980 to see what tee times are available.

Can I play more than once a week?

Absolutely. You still have to pay green fees each time you play but you can play as many times in the week as you wish. 


If you do not own clubs there are some available for hire at the Pro Shop. They also have a wonderful selection of clothing and equipment to purchase.

Do I need a golf Handicap?

Twilighters will be given a handicap specifically for the Twilight competition and will be at the discretion of the Handicapper. Club handicaps are not to be used.

Ages & Grades

The competition is an open comp for all ages, genders and levels of skill to be in the same team. Under 18’s are welcome.

Registration/ Membership

Registration is $10 for members and $20 for non members, the extra $10 is to cover social club membership, which entitles you to enter the clubhouse as a member and receive social membership discounts. For new members the social membership form must be completed correctly and handed in at the time of registration.

Are there green fees involved?

Yes there are green fees of $15 which are to be paid to the Pro Shop before you hit off each time you play.

Why is my email address needed?

We like to keep our Twilight players up to date with any news or promotions that we may have. We also email out the presentation night invitation. You can opt to just go on the Twilight emails, which is only for Twilight info or you can also go on the Little Birdie News email where you will also receive our weekly newsletter which lets you know all that’s happening about the club.

Do we need team shirts?

Team shirts are not compulsory but a lot of teams have opted to have wear them and it brings about a bit of team spirit.

Is there a dress code?

Twilight is more relaxed than competition golf however the dress code is neat casual and there are still a few dress rules which apply to both the course and clubhouse. No damaging soles on shoes are allowed, joggers are acceptable. You can check your shoes with the Pro Shop. Singlets for men are not permitted.

Can we have a Sponsor?

Majority of teams do have a business sponsor them. With close to 600 registered Twilight players in last years comp it is a great opportunity for businesses to get their name seen by players wearing logo shirts. Teams may enter without a sponsor.

Joining after comp starts

Players can still join once the competition has started. Teams with less than 15 players entered will be given the option of finding their own players to fill the team or the pro shop will fill the spots, but not both! Players have until 1st January to register.



Proudly sponsored by Rabbit Electrical & Halpin Plumbing Final round Winner was Nigel Constable with 24 Pts runner up was Mick Hanshaw with 24 Pts as well, Ball comp to All 18 Pts.

The final was also played during the week and the results are as follows : The 19/20 winners were Prestige Powdercoating with 122 Pts, in 2nd place were Markers 1 with 117 Pts, 3rd place was taken out by Barnco on 106 Pts, 4th place went to Weapons of Grass Destruction with 104 Pts, in 5th place were McKinnon’s Cooling & Gas on 98 Pts and 5th place were Rabbit Electrical on 97 Pts.

Congratulations to all of the winners, unfortunately the great Presentation Night normally follows the final, however due to the rotten COVID 19 Virus, this has been postponed and will be conducted at a later date.

To all of our Twilight players our Club passes on to you our sincere thanks for your participation and we hope you were able to enjoy our competition and we look forward to all teams participating in our20/21 comp.

Lastly our Club offers it’s sincere thanks to our great Sponsors, without you we would not be able to offer such a great competition,  Rabbit Electrical & Halpin Plumbing have sponsored our Twilight for a number of years and we hope for your continued support in future.

Well from the Twilight Zone,  this is your scribe signing off for another year. SEA EAGLE 1.




Starters  –  238 

Overall Winner was Steve Facistol with 23 Pts, who wins 3 Balls and a new Handicap. Runner-up was Luke Tolmie with 21 Pts, who wins 2 Balls and also a new Handicap. Ball comp All 18 Pts and better.

Team Standings at this time of the year are hidden!!!

This week is the last round before the Finals which will be held next week. Good luck to all teams who make the finals and may the best teams win through.

Unfortunately due to the COVID 19, the Presentation night has had to be postphoned and will be held when things return to normal. From the Twilight Zone that’s all for this week, good luck if you are playing and of course Enjoy !!!!!



Team Standings

2019/20 Final Results

1. Prestige Powdercoating 122 pts
2. Markers 1 117 pts
3. Barnco 106 pts
4. Weapons of Grass Destruction 104 pts
5. McKinnons Cooling & Gas 98 pts
6. Rabbit Electrical 97 pts 
7. Ardina
8. Quinns Radiators
9.  Markers 2
10. Pub Pros
11.  Burke & Smyth Real Estate
12. Teys Blue
13. Tamworth Golfers
14. Whose your Caddy
15. Joe Maguires Pub

16. The Bogey Bunch
17. Hotondo Hit & Missers
18. Missing Links
19. Par then Pub
20. Oxley
21. Hasbeens
22. Phased Electrical & Solar
23. Good Intentions
24. Stalwarts
25. Spray & Wipe
26. Tamworth Rugby Club
27. Rack it & Whack it
28. Slice & Dice it
29. City United / Hasbeens 2 
30. John Holland CRN

31. Bunker Blasters
32. Magenta Community Services
33. T.B.S
34. Coreys Mobile Mechanics
35. Caddy Shack
36. Teys White
37. Sultans of Swing
38. Hillvue Rovers FC
39. Heli – Hackers
40. Tamworth Parcel Express
41. Birdie News
42. City United / Hasbeens 3
43. Thunder Birdies
44. Thirst to the Green
45.  Putt the Last 

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